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This is my passage: As species, they reached to us out as much as we did to them. They became our companions. See how alive and filled with energy and abandon? In a matter of days, if we return to this holding pen, you will see how dispirited they have become. Imagine being free and then separated from your family and put in confinement.

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Death on the Track: Dog Racing

Dog racing - motion blurred .craig via Compfight 

Dog racing, this sport is seen as harmless and fun. But I can assure you it is not. The dogs are kept in cages with hard floors. This is very bad for them because they have little body fat and bony joints. I’m not saying that this happens with all racers but for most commercial kennels this is the norm. The dogs also aren’t feed well and often get sick. Visit the link here for some shocking facts on greyhound racing.


The type of dogs used for racing are greyhounds. These dogs are long-legged, lean, and large. They have massive lungs for breathing and can run at speeds of up to 50 mph! Greyhounds are bony and thin so they need lots of comfy stuff. In commercial kennels they sleep on concrete floors which is very bad for their joints. Most dogs die in these kennels and when they don’t win races they are killed.

               To help you can donate to greyhound rescues or sign petitions. If you are looking for a dog, an adopted racer is a good idea you can click this link .craig via Compfight  for the pros and cons of an adopted racer or this one  for a cool greyhound rescue. You can also not go to dog races. This sport is cruel and inhumane where people just care about money.  How do you feel about this sport now?

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Rabbits ;)

So my little sister and I were thinking about getting rabbits. We found some baby lops on Craigslist and are going to make a PowToon to convince our parents. We are still doing research and saving money but maybe by this summer we will have some bunnies!

Writing Limericks

So yesterday in Mrs. Smith’s classroom we wrote some limericks. It has a rhyming pattern of AA BB A and 7/8  syllables for the A’s and a 5/6 syllable pattern for the B’s. So in the end it looks something like this





Here are two of the limericks that I wrote. (limericks are supposed to be silly and not make much sense)

Chicken bob was a fat duck

He fell and got quite stuck

In a hole with some bugs

Who were eating some rugs

and bob was out of his luck


A girl named Masha loved cats

she hit me with baseball bats

she drew really nice

but she slipped in some ice

so I covered her with some mats


They’re pretty easy to make, so why not try a limerick or two?

Horseback Riding

OK, if you didn’t know something about me here’s one thing, I love horses. So naturally I ride horses, but wait, there’s more to horseback riding then just sitting on a horse and smacking it in the butt. You have tons of things to remember like keeping you heels down, sitting up straight, and a lot of other stuff that non-horsey people wouldn’t get  (or it would take me like a billion years to explain) Also, for the people who say it is not a sport, I’m sorry but dude, it’s in the Olympics, its a sport. It’s a really good leg and core work out, and you should just see some people sweat! So that’s my take on horseback riding.

vianden castle mariusz kluzniak via Compfight

I shivered slightly then glanced at my sister Elizabeth sitting next to me she looked at me as if to say I can not wait! We were headed to our uncle’s castle after deciding to leave the big city. She glanced through the smoky, cracked glass of the carriage we were riding in I guessed she was looking back at the carriage our other two sisters were riding in. “Don’t worry”, a voice soothed we’ll be there soon. I looked up at Honey, our nanny who was one of the most lovely ladies i have ever laid eyes upon. Her silky blond hair was tied up in a tight bun and her bright blue eyes seemed to twinkle in the dim evening light. She was wearing a soft gray gown with lamb fur trim, her black boots matched perfectly with her white muffler. I looked down at my outfit, smoothing out the light purple fabric to remove some wrinkles on my dress, then I glanced at my black boots and white lamb fur trim. Then, I pulled out my hand mirror and checked my hair my medium brown hair looked messy in a bun so I pulled at the ribbon until my hair cascaded down my shoulders in soft curly waves. Honey quickly leaned forward and tied my hair into an elegant braid-bun. I followed our nanny`s eyes to over where Elizabeth was sitting her light blue velvet dress looked fine, and her black boots shone like diamonds. Our nanny began reading her book of novels before it got dark.

I peeked at the two horses pulling our carriage the were white with black patches on them. As shaggy as they were they were well fed and groomed. It was pitch black now and soon the steady clop of their hooves lulled me to sleep. I woke up to a creaking noise, looking up I saw, a small figure was pushing the heavy -looking iron gates open.

Choice Board

My view on the warriors book, Firestars Quest:

I though that this book is amazing! If you are a reader who likes love, mystery, violence, and magic then this this is the perfect book for you. From the challenges Firestar faces, to the epic battle at the end of the book, I was hooked. This book was very well written with lots of visual details. In all, this book is very interesting and great for all readers.

Snowboarding :D

Over presidents day weekend I went skiing/snowboarding with my family. The cabin that we rented was awesome! It had a hot tub, and a real fireplace. Sometimes we went into the hot tub when it was below freezing outside, it was really cool to be sitting in a hot tub and watch your hair freeze. Snowboarding was one of the hardest things that I have done in my life but near the end of the weekend it got easier. The rest of the family, except for my dad and uncle, went skiing. Overall this was one fun weekend!

All About Me

Hi! Its me, Ellie! I finally have my own blog. YAY! Ok, so I am a 12 year old girl and I love animals. I have a family of five, my mom, my dad, my 2 sisters(one older one younger if you were wondering!) and a dog and Hamster. (Ok so maybe thats seven but whatever) I have four super close friends who would jump in front of a bullet for me! I love my dog to the moon and back, he has a spunky, crazy attitude that makes him so much fun to be around. I also love to draw, ride horses and write. I love posting things, like youtube videos-not like anyone wants to watch me playing with my dog and trying food- but I still have fun. I would love to also do some challenges. And knowing me, I will have over one virtual pet kida representing mine. I love reading so much, when I get a new book I CAN NOT stop reading it. Books I like and recommend are The Little White Horse, Canterwood Crest, and of course All of the Warriors books. My favorite quote is “A day without laughter is a day wasted!” Umm… So Welcome to my blog! YAY!!!


Hi Guys!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi Everyone, I am super excited to have my blog! So anyway I think that a blog post a day keeps the doctor away! I will do challenges and all that stuff! YAY!  OK bye 🙂